We use a developmental coaching approach to support, challenge and, empower clients to more fully understand themselves and take responsibility to evolve as highly effective and functional people.

Our Approach

We use a process that helps to build awareness of your current approach to situations, people and yourself and provide the support for transformation to occur – whether as an individual or an organisation.

We help you to see reality with fresh eyes and new possibilities and, to build new competencies to achieve the outcomes or objectives that deeply matter to you.

Verity offers clients six, one-to-one (fortnightly) coaching conversations.

With every session or coaching conversation, there are three key components:

1. The client leads the session theme or topic;
2. New insights and awareness
– these can be ah-ha moments and/or realisation of blind spots and;
3. New actions, behaviours and/or practices
– these may include on-going practices to build the new ‘muscles’ needed to achieve your new competencies.
Personal and Professional Benefits

You can expect to gain the following from personal developmental coaching:

More self awareness of your personality and behaviours
Seeing more of how you connect and relate with self and others
* To focus and connect on what really matters (personal purpose)
* An ability to more effectively build rapport with others
* To support you to speak and live your truth
* To challenge you to actualise your potential when it matters most to you
* To grow in terms of your capacity to hold more perspectives
* To become more personally powerful and therefore professionally influential
* To enable you to communicate more effectively – to hear/listen to, and speak to others in a more meaningful and inclusive way