Communications & PR

We work with clients to strengthen and innovate their projects, programs, products and/or services, to address complex social challenges and increase positive change.

We help clients figure out where and how they can make the greatest impact with the resources they have, in a way that is fun, creative, culturally relevant and outcomes focussed. We use remarkable media, communications and technology to connect with target audiences and make lasting change.

What We Do

We use a user centred design approach to build projects, products and services for Indigenous communities.

User Centred or ‘Human Centred’ design optimises projects, products and services by focussing the process of design around how a target group, i.e. Indigenous women, men, youth, young mums, etc., use and experience the products being developed ‘for them’. We co-design outcomes and operate on the premise that getting the aim straight from the outset, is critical to long term success.

  • We prepare clients for emerging social change, which requires adapting old practices critical for long-term change. For us, this involves understanding the current trends in the community, in the sector, in politics and importantly, in media, communications and technology.
  • We strengthen clients’ projects, products and services to save time, money and resources, whilst maximising social outcomes.

Our 3 Step Process

DESIGN: Identify new ways to serve and support our clients by applying behavioural insight, ethnography, and user-centred design processes to products and services.

INNOVATE: Develop creative strategies to leverage media, communications and technology for social and economic development by working in partnership with communities, technology specialists and social change investors.

BUILD: Build the creative culture and internal systems required to sustain changes, launch new ventures and maintain cultural integrity.


➢ Big Ideas
➢ Understand local eco-systems
➢ Targeted messaging
➢ Storytelling
➢ Video Production
➢ Social Media
➢ Media & Communications Strategies
➢ Use media, communications and technology to reach the right people, in the right way

We work hard to understand the bridge between culture, perceptions, knowledge and behaviour change.

We help clients figure out what they’re trying to achieve and then help them develop remarkable, engaging, entertaining media and communications that inspires and influences positive change with target audiences.

We never underestimate the value of local knowledge and we use this to not only enhance relationships but also to build clients’ brand presence and brand story within the communities they target.

• We create elegant projects
• We design communications that impact
• We co-design strategies
• We develop tailor made, culturally specific communications strategies that start, drive and compel change
• We collaborate with experts across sectors, i.e. Indigenous, tech, financial, media, etc. to develop strategies that are broad, well informed and supported, to genuinely make impacts on socio-economic position of Indigenous communities
• We help leverage technology to benefit local needs
• We make the most out of clients’ investment
• We anticipate issues and reduce unnecessary errors
• We build clients’ credibility in communities and with stakeholders broadly and
• We leverage investments to build greater audiences, engagement and brand awareness

➢ Research: Target population insights
➢ Strategic planning
➢ Co-design projects
➢ Co-design solutions
➢ Project evaluations

➢ Reporting – written and video

Ethical Communications assists clients to translate their existing and local knowledge and experience into innovative and effective projects, products or services.

• We co-design innovations for new and existing projects, products and services
• We work with clients to develop and market products to build local economies
• We help clients build relationships with key stakeholders and investors
• We help clients save money by anticipating issues and reducing unnecessary errors
• We build clients’ following and credibility with program users, investors, and audiences and stakeholders more broadly
• We market and promote the success of projects, programs and services
• We leverage successes to build greater audiences, engagement and brand awareness

➢ We help small businesses and organisations sell their projects, products or services online
➢ We design and implement effective online marketing and research strategies
➢ We get clients’ programs, products and/or services in front of the right people
➢ We develop social media strategies and action plans to engage audiences

We help clients spend their money wisely and work out what’s relevant and what’s not for their business, online. We help sort through the confusion of whether or not clients should be using social media, adwords, SEO and/or paid advertising. We do our best to make an often-daunting exercise, effortless.

• We increase clients’ reach and engagement with the right stakeholders
• We improve loyalty and interest in clients’ programs, products and services
• We increase opportunities to ‘convert’ customers, clients or followers
• We leverage online engagement and analytics for business development
• We work with clients to establish and further build trust and credibility with key stakeholders
• We help our clients ‘wow’ or compel the right people