Group Facilitation

Make Normal Better

The average employee sits through an average of 6000 meetings during their career. Over half of them describe the meetings as ‘pointless’. Studies increasingly show that during these meetings employees tend to ‘zone out’, ‘doodle’, ‘think about other life issues such as – what’s on for dinner’, and for some, staring out the window is an even more interesting option than engaging in the meeting itself.

Who is it for?

Our facilitation workshops are for any groups, organisations and agencies that want to develop a shared vision or strategy, improve the dynamics of their teams or, address situations that are hindering progress or a constructive environment.

What we do

We can help you through challenges because we know people learn, share and interact more effectively when the environment is positive and the process is fun, participatory and open.

Our approach has a strong application for Business Leaders. It provides alternatives to planning and executing meetings that give you and your team greater satisfaction, clarity, connection and outcomes.

We get results for teams by coaching them through innovative activities that move them away from conventional meeting structures (PowerPoint presentations, management meetings and status reports), which can often be inhibiting, disorganised, produce feelings of frustration and exclusion and fail to provide the environment in which ideas can emerge.

Too often, those with the best ideas aren’t heard or those that talk-a-lot don’t hear the innovative ideas they can take to the next level. Our approach  leverages the intelligence of everyone in the room, not just the most vocal.

The idea is for workplaces to adopt the structures we go through, into their day-to-day meetings and workshops.

What next?

The first step is to call us and book a meeting with one of our team.

We offer 3 hour, 1 day and 2 day workshops.

We help clients organise and prepare themselves to work more effectively together in a variety of ways including facilitation of:

  • Empathy focused problem discovery sprints
  • Board retreats and community design meetings
  • Innovation workshops
  • Conferences and international research forums
  • Strategic and scenario planning meetings

When individuals feel included and engaged, they do a better job. When teams work well together they produce much better results. When opportunities are made for the introverted to be included, ideas often come from the most unexpected sources.

Typical results:

  • Increased positive relationships
  • Greater internal communications
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased team morale
  • Improved team meetings and workshops
  • Greater participation
  • Breakdown in challenges and tensions
  • Increased fun in workplace

Please Contact Us for more information on what workshop works best for you.